Titanium 3D Printing Service

Our Titanium 3D Printing Service offers high-quality, strong, and lightweight parts for aerospace, medical, and industrial applications. Using the best titanium 3D printer, we can produce parts with intricate geometries and tight tolerances. Get in touch with Jamindo to learn more about our titanium 3D printing capabilities.

A Complete Titanium 3D Printing Solution

Our complete titanium 3D printing solution enables us to produce high-quality, complex parts with precision and speed. We use the best 3D printers and employ strict quality control measures to ensure the highest standards. Our team of experts can help you with design optimization, material selection, and post-processing. Whether it’s for aerospace, medical, or industrial applications, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Titanium 3D Printing Solution
Titanium 3D Printing Solution
Titanium 3D Printing Solution
Titanium 3D Printing Solution

Explore Our Titanium 3D Printing Services

Get in touch with us and learn how you can leverage titanium 3D printing service on revamping your business capabilities.

Titanium 3D Printing Consulting and design services

Consulting and design services

Our team of experts can help you get started on your project or optimize an existing design for maximum efficiency.
We can also provide advice on how to improve your workflow and increase productivity by using additive manufacturing technology in conjunction with other production methods.

Model preparation

Our engineers will prepare your CAD files so they’re ready for printing on our machines, whether it’s through cleaning up geometry errors or converting them into STL files that are compatible with our systems’ slicing software (which converts models into instructions for each layer of material).

Titanium 3D Printing Model preparation
Titanium 3D Printing Custom 3D Printing

Custom 3D Printing

We also cater to customers who want to create one-off 3D-printed parts for personalized use. We can make any design you want, from figurines and toys to custom jewelry and other accessories.

Large Production Service

Using our large-scale production service, we can also manufacture custom 3D-printed parts in large quantities.
This is ideal for businesses that need to produce thousands of units at once and want to cut down on costs by outsourcing the manufacturing process.

Titanium 3D Printing Large Production Service

Industries and Applications

Jamindo’s titanium 3D printing service is used in a wide range of industries and applications. Some of the industries that benefit from our services include aerospace, medical, and industrial.
Our precision manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce strong, lightweight parts that meet the highest standards for safety and performance.

Titanium 3D Printing Medical


Titanium 3D Printing Telecommunications




Titanium 3D Printing Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Titanium 3D Printing Transportation


Titanium 3D Printing Building and Construction

Building and Construction

Successful Products Gallery

Our successful products gallery showcases some of the amazing products that we’ve produced using our titanium 3D printing services. From aerospace components to medical implants, our precision manufacturing has helped our clients achieve their goals with high-quality, durable parts.

Titanium 3D Printing Products
Titanium 3D Printing Products
Titanium 3D Printing Products
Titanium 3D Printing Products
Titanium 3D Printing Products
Titanium 3D Printing Products

Why Choose JAMINDO Titanium 3D Printing Services


Our titanium 3D printing services produce parts with exceptional strength, durability, and precision.


We offer customized designs that fit your unique specifications, allowing for greater flexibility and innovation.


Our 3D printing process is fast, allowing us to produce parts quickly and efficiently.


Our services are cost-effective since we use less material and resources compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Advanced technology

We use the latest 3D printing technology and software to ensure the best possible results for your project.

Our Ordering Process
Step 1: Consultation

We discuss your project requirements and offer advice on the best solutions for your needs.

Step 2: Design & Quotation

We provide a detailed design and quotation for your approval before beginning production.

Step 3: Production

We use our advanced manufacturing processes to create your product with precision and quality.

Step 4: Delivery

We ship your product directly to your door, with fast and secure delivery options available worldwide.

FAQs of Titanium 3D Printing Services

Titanium 3D printing is a process of creating parts by depositing layers of titanium powder, fused together by a laser to form a solid object.

The cost of titanium 3D printing depends on the size, complexity of the part, and the quantity of titanium powder required for the process.

3D-printed titanium has excellent strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion due to its material properties. It also allows for intricate designs and customization.

3D-printed titanium has a high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility. Additionally, it is heat-resistant and has good fatigue properties due to its material properties.

Titanium powder is used as the raw material in the 3D printing process. The powder is melted and fused together layer by layer to create the final part.

Industries that use 3D-printed titanium include aerospace, medical, automotive, and industrial applications. It is used in parts such as engine components, medical implants, and high-performance tools due to its material properties.

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