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Thin-wall injection molding is an innovative process that allows molders to create thin walls in plastic parts without using costly high-pressure tooling technology or multiple cavities. This results in lightweight final products that can be produced with low force and high precision.

At Jamindo, we specialize in all injection molding processes, including thin-wall injection molding. We have decades of experience working with a wide range of industries and applications, so we are well-positioned to help you develop the perfect injection molding solution for your business.

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Thin Wall Injection Molding Part
Thin Wall Injection Molding Part
Thin Wall Injection Molding Part
Thin Wall Injection Molding Part

Checkout Jamindo Thin Wall Injection Molding Services

The company is an expert in thin wall plastic injection molding. We provide injection molding services like mold design, plastic production, and assembly, as well as tool making. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in thin wall injection molding.

Competitive price

Competitive price

We offer competitive-price injection molding services for our customers. We work with different plastic materials to produce high-quality products for our customers. We can also provide a one-stop-shop for the manufacturing process. You are not only paying for the material but also the labor and equipment used in the process.
Project inspection and acceptance

Project inspection & acceptance

Jamindo has an experienced R&D team to offer customers high-quality plastic parts. In addition, our company has a professional Quality Control department with rich experience in plastic injection molding production to guarantee the best quality service. We are also willing to give customers with a complete set of after-sales services, including project inspection, part quality testing, and production process analysis.
Professional after-sales service

Professional after-sales service

In addition to our products, Jamindo also offers outsourcing for other companies’ projects—we have already been contacted by several global brands for their plastic parts needs. Jamindo’s expertise can be seen in its outstanding efforts to ensure consistency between our own products and those of our clients; once we’ve developed your mold(s) to your specifications.
Technical assistance

Technical assistance

We have helped many customers utilize our thin wall molding services to develop high-quality products for the marketplace. Our team is comprised of professional and experienced engineers who are all experts in the injection molding industry. They can help you find the right solutions to your problems and improve your design, which leads to a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process.
Factory design

Factory design

Our professional factory design team can help you get your idea off the ground. Maybe your product is already designed, but you need someone to build the molds for it. Our expert team of engineers and technicians can take your existing plans and create molds that will make your product look beautiful every time.
Quality inspection and Certification

Quality inspection & Certification

Quality control is yet another factor that you cannot afford to overlook when choosing an injection molding company. If something goes wrong in the production process, it could cause problems for your customers and even tarnish your own reputation as a business operator.

Different Thin Wall Injection Moulding Materials

Thin Wall Injection Molding Part
Thin Wall Injection Molding Part
Thin Wall Injection Molding Part
Thin Wall Injection Molding Part

Jamindo Thin Wall Injection Molding Process

The thin-walled injection molding process includes injecting molten plastic into a mold made of two halves. This process is used when the thickness of the finished product must be kept to a minimum. It is also used when production time must be kept short, and the product must have a smooth surface finish. The thin-walled process is one step in the overall injection molding process.
Thin Wall Injection Molding Part

Step 1: The injection process

Utilizes a screw-type injection machine which can be adjusted to fit the needs of various molding requirements. First, the molten plastic is injected into a mold with high pressure. During this process, air trapped in the plastic cools down and hardens as well.

Step 2: The cooling process

With specialized fans that blow cold air around molds containing newly molded products. This process removes any excess heat and helps ensure that every product has a clean surface. Once cooled, products are ejected from molds using specialized wrenches that slowly push them out from their cavities.

Step 3: The ejection process

After enough cooling time after heating, you can start injecting using an injection machine, which has two roles: firstly, it starts injecting when pressing down on both levers, and secondly, it stops injecting after lifting one lever.

Step 4: The testing process

Testing a sample injection molded part at room temperature. This is done to check the dimensions, appearance, heat resistance, transparency, and other properties of parts. If the test results are acceptable, then you’ll start mass production. To make sure that your parts meet the required standards, you can use a variety of tests and inspection methods.

Step 5: Quality Control

Associates will perform a series of tests to ensure that the product is defect-free. For example, they will examine the visual appearance of the part to make sure that it is free of surface defects and blemishes. They will also use a micrometer to measure the dimensions of the part to ensure that it meets tolerances.

Benefits of Jamindo Thin Wall Injection Molding

The type of plastic being used, the amount being produced, the size and shape of the final product, and the level of precision it must have are all factors that will influence your choice. Jamindo Thin Wall Injection Molding is a popular process because it can be tailored to fit almost any situation.
  • Increase Production Capacity – Factories and manufacturers to increase their output of products because they will now be able to produce more parts per mold. This can significantly increase profits made per mold, thus increasing overall company profits.
  • Reduce Material Costs – This translates to cost savings not only for the client but also for future consumers, as they will be receiving high-quality products at affordable prices
  • Improve the Consistency of your Products – These improvements in consistency lead to better quality products and a more satisfied consumer base.

Why Jamindo Thin Wall Injection Molding?

Nicer Surface Finish

If you hold the product in your hand and rub your thumb over it, you'll instantly feel the difference between products made with thin wall molds and those made with thick wall molds.

It has great dimensional stability

The dimensional stability of thin wall injection molds is significantly higher than that of thick wall injection molds.

  • In-house design and manufacturing for plastic products is a great way to ensure that you have the best quality product.
  • Flexible tooling, mold designing, and mold making with low-cost quality products are other ways to ensure that your product is of the top-notch quality.
  • Quick response with high-quality services our team knows how critical it is to have a quick response time and high-quality services.

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Jamindo has developed a new technology in injection molding with the patent of “Thin Wall Technology.” This technology allows the production of thin wall single-piece and multi-piece molds. In order to achieve the highest quality, Jamindo has adopted an integrated management system. The system covers the quality management of product development, production, and service.
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FAQs of Thin Wall Injection Molding Services

Thin-wall molding is the process of creating a thin-walled part using an injection molding machine. This is typically done through the use of specially designed molds that can withstand higher temperatures and pressures than typical injection molds. Unlike the usual injection molding process, micro-injection molding equipment can inject additional gases (gas-assisted injection molding) into the polymer mixture to create a thinner-walled part. This method is typically used for medical or cosmetic products where thin walls are essential for fitting inside small spaces.
As mentioned, gas-assisted injection molding or thin-wall injection molding can be used to create parts with extremely thin walls that are typically too delicate for standard injection molding. This can be especially helpful in the medical and cosmetic industries, as thin-walled injection molded products are often needed to fit into small spaces like cavities or crevices.
If your business is currently requiring parts that are thin-walled and delicate, it’s important to consider thin-wall injection molding for your next project. This process can be used to create parts with extremely thin walls that are typically too delicate for standard injection molding. The repeatability of production using injection molding is also beneficial when dealing with thin-walled injection-molded products. The process is repeatable, making it easy to produce the same part over and over again.
2mm to 4mm is the average minimum wall thickness that can be injection molded. This will vary depending on the material and project requirements, so it’s important to discuss thin-wall micro injection molding with your supplier before you begin any production runs. If you are wondering whether we can accommodate your requirements for products that require thin-wall injection molding, feel free to call our experts in Jamindo. They can help you determine whether this process is right for you. And if so, what changes need to be made to ensure that your products are safe and durable.

Since versatility is one of the main benefits of thin wall reaction injection molding, the list of products that can be made using this process is extensive. From household items like soap dispensers and toothbrushes to industrial tools like vacuum pumps and medical devices, thin-walled injection molding has been used throughout the world to manufacture a wide range of products. To give you an overview, here are some of the products you can make with think wall injection molding

  • Plastic packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Plastic housings
  • Medical devices
  • Medical disposables and medical device packaging
  • Consumer products and consumer product plastic packaging
  • Plastic containers and lids
  • Electronic housing and protection

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