PLA Injection Molding

We provide PLA injection molding, ideal for most PLA plastic product applications. Jamindo Injection Molding offers a custom PLA molding service with excellent antibacterial and mildew-resistant properties.

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PLA Injection Molding Process

Jamindo PLA injection molding products have undergone sophisticated processes to be released. Backed with engineering and advanced machining, our PLA products are top-notch. Below are Jamindo’s plastic injection molding processes.

PLA Injection Molding Process​

Step 1: Drying Treatmet

400 ppm of moisture is the maximum permitted limit for PLA resins in sealed, aluminum-lined barrier packaging. Before preferred melt processing, it is advisable to reduce the moisture content to no more than 250 ppm, ideally to 100 ppm.

Step 2: Injection Molding

PLA can be handled with standard injection molding machinery. It is advisable to use a barrel with content three to five times the weight of the shot and a screw with an L/D ratio of at least 20 to prevent or decrease PLA degradation during processing.

Step 3: Using Hot or Cold Mold

The injected material is quickly cooled using a cold mold, producing amorphous PLA final products. For a finished product to have a stronger temperature resistance, the mold temperature should be regulated at 90-100°C to crystallize the material during cooling.

Step 4: Optimizing Cycle times

The proper mold temperature must be used to obtain the quickest cycle time, especially for semi-crystalline products.

Benefits of Using PLA in Injection Molding Projects

As the primary material in injection molding, microorganisms can completely degrade PLA after use, with no environmental pollution. This material also has good mechanical and physical properties suitable for blow molding and melt processing. PLA has excellent compatibility, degradability, high glossiness and transparency, superior tensile strength, and flexibility.

Our PLA Plastic Injection Molding Service

As an injection molding service provider, Jamindo commits to providing a one-stop solution for your PLA molding needs. We offer several finishes, molding techniques, and colors for custom-fitted PLA products according to your specifications.

  • Surface Finishes – Our plastic injection molding service also offers surface finishes like polish, gloss, matte and etc.
  • PLA Injection Molding Techniques – Jamindo offers blow molding, insert molding, hot runner molds, cold runner molds, etc.
  • Color – We offer a large selection of single colors or mixed colors paint finishes.

PLA Injection Molding Application

Jamindo PLA injection molding service provides different project applications like food packaging, fast food lunch boxes, non-woven fabrics, medical fabric, dishcloths, sanitary products, outdoor UV-resistant fabric, tent cloth, and floor mats. Medical applications for PLA molding include detachable surgical sutures, disposable infusion equipment, and low molecular polylactide as a packaging material for drugs with a gradual release.

PLA Food and Beverage

Продукты питания и напитки

PLA Medical


PLA Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

PLA Aerospace and Military

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