Pet Bottle Blowing Injection Service Manufacturer in China

Jamindo offers a full range of PET bottle blow molding service of very high quality in the country. Our PET bottle blowing machines are conceived and engineered by experienced engineers, then integrated to offer the best return on investment in the plastics bottle blow molding machine industry. We offer CE, UL, CSA, OSHA, ANSI and ANSI solutions to our customers.

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Jamindo Provides PET Bottle Blowing

Jamindo provides blow molding equipment that produces PET containers of the finest quality for a variety of application needs, container sizes, and production requirements. Our blow molding systems are known for surpassing blowing capacity, manufacturing costs, and bottle quality that no other competitor has before attained.

Advantages of Jamindo PET Bottle Blowing

Fast Manufacturing Solutions

Massive amounts of completed goods can be produced by our blow molding, and our PET bottle blowing process can last practically forever.


Our blow molding is particularly appealing to different businesses due to the wide variety of customizable bottles, containers, and other goods.

Конкурентное ценообразование

Comparatively speaking, our pet bottle blowing service is relatively affordable, making it totally scalable and adaptable to the client's requirements.

Promotes Productivity

Using our PET blowing machines that allow 3D moldings will result in a fastened production cycle.

Explore Our PET Bottle Blowing Services

We offer injection molding services from across the world. Our injection molding services have adopted modernized technologies and facilities.

Вставка для литья под давлением

Insert molding creates a single part with the insert(s) completely enclosed by the plastic material when a part is placed in a mold cavity and the material is injected over it. Engineering polymers are typically used in this procedure to reduce weight, increase tensile strength, and improve wear resistance.

Liquid Injection Molding

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) and Transfer Molding are favored methods for creating solid silicone rubber products that are utilized in a variety of applications, including 3C products, gas masks, medical gear, water sports, military gear, waterproof device cases, and more.

Over Molding

Over Molding is the process of precisely molding one material over another, often rubber (TPE) over plastic. We can guarantee that your end component will have the solid end-application bond and performance that your product requires thanks to our vast expertise in this area.

Single Injection Molding

Jamindo excels at the common procedure known as single injection molding. To improve yield rates for mass volume production, a resin feeder system has been installed in our updated plant.

Успешные случаи

We offer specialist research, development, and production of PET perform molds as a dependable supplier of PET bottle blow manufacturing services. Throughout the past few years, we have maintained the philosophy of technology innovation and brand strategy. Our highly stable market has been a result of our advanced manufacturing technology. Our PET bottle blowing services have been served in the following industries:


Аэрокосмическая промышленность

Public Safety

Потребительские товары

Автомобильная промышленность


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Jamindo is a well-known provider of mold manufacturing and injection molding services on a global scale. To accommodate our customers’ demanding requirements, we have made investments in a range of engineering and production capabilities. We have an internal tool shop with top-notch tool automation to meet your needs.


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