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Large-part injection molding is commonly utilized in mass-production processes in which the same part is recreated thousands or even millions of times in succession.

Jamindo is a reputable brand in the market, bringing large-part injection molding solution that enables businesses from different industries to reduce costs and increase profits. We offer the best large-part injection molding services in the industry. Our team has years of experience in providing high-quality injection molding services to our clients.

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This process is used to make complex parts that cannot be produced using conventional injection molding processes. Gas assist injection molding uses a combination of plastic resin and gas to produce intricate, hollow parts that are lighter in weight than those made with traditional methods.

Better dimensional quality

The high-quality injection molding process is able to produce products with better dimensional accuracy. This is because the parts are made out of melted precision molded plastics rather than liquid materials being poured into a mold.

Improved Efficiency

Injection molding can be used in industries where there is a need for large quantities of similar products. For example, if you have a large number of identical parts that need to be produced quickly, you can use injection molding to make them quickly and efficiently with minimal waste.

Less Material

Because plastic material flows into the mold under great pressure from an injection nozzle, it fills every nook and cranny of the mold cavity with no extra space left over, which would otherwise require extra material to fill in empty spaces.

Lighter Product Weight

Reducing wall thickness can significantly reduce the weight of your product. The thicker your walls are, the heavier your part will be. A general rule to follow when deciding on wall thickness is to make it as thick as you need it for structural integrity, then remove material from it until you reach your desired weight.

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The injection molding process is used to create parts in a wide array of industries; the parts range in complexity and size and are used for a variety of applications. When creating complex shapes out of plastic, the injection molding process is the best way to achieve the highest quality results.

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The process eliminates the need for hand assembly, which means no more lost or damaged parts and no more waiting days or weeks for a part to arrive from overseas manufacturers. This flexibility in the design and production cycles has allowed manufacturers to create new products that would have been impossible only a couple of decades ago.

Different Large Part Injection Moulding Materials

Jamindo Large Part Injection Molding Process

Large-part injection molding is a great addition to any manufacturing process. It’s especially useful for products that require a large amount of material, such as automotive parts, medical equipment, and industrial machinery. To give you a better perspective on how we do things, please check out our process.

Step 1: Mold Making

The mold is created based on the design of the product. It is the first step in creating a plastic part, and it is one that is highly dependent on the expertise of those who do it.

Step 2: Material Injection

This is used at the end of the injection process and helps cool down the plastic so that it doesn’t deform when it’s cooled down quickly by water or air. Finally, you’ll need a lubricant that will flow through your system with the resin so that the moving parts will move smoothly together.

Step 3: Part injection and cooling

The molten plastic is injected into the mold and then cooled down. This can be done with water or air, depending on the type of part being made. Because of its speed and efficiency, this machine can produce large amounts of parts at high rates of speed.

Step 4: Inspection and Assembly

Injection molds are large and complex. They have many surfaces that need to be inspected for any flaws. A defect in the mold could be an incorrect dimension or shape on the surface of the mold or it could be a bad location for a gate. After the inspection process, it is time for assembly.

Step 5: Testing

Testing can be done by filling an air-dried sand grain model with molten plastic and then automatically removing it from the molding machine. This test ensures that all of the moving parts have been lubricated properly and that there are no jams in any of the moving components during operation.

Step 6: Quality Control

The final step in this process is quality control which is performed through visual inspections. The quality control test is performed on the finished product to ensure it meets all of the specifications of the original design. If there are any underlying issues that arise during this step, they can be corrected before moving forward with production.

Benefits of Large Part Injection Molding

Injection molding is one of the most cost-effective ways of manufacturing plastic parts. This is because the process creates high-quality products with a consistent finish and excellent surface finish. There are many benefits associated with this method, some of which include the following:
  • High Quality – The process produces high-quality plastic parts which are durable and robust. They can withstand wear and tear without getting damaged easily.
  • Convenient Production Processes – The process is convenient to carry out since it involves injection molding machines which are easy to operate and available at affordable prices on the market today.
  • Lower tooling costs – Lower tooling costs since it uses simple tools that are easy to purchase and maintain. Fast Production Time The process produces plastic parts quickly. This means the company can save time and money on production by using this method of manufacturing.

Why Choose Jamindo Large Part Injection Molding?

High quality

We use advanced technology and equipment to ensure the high quality of our products. We are specialized in both large and small-size plastic parts, such as automotive parts, medical devices, and household appliances.

Fast delivery time

We provide plastic injection molding cost examples for every quote youFast delivery time and competitive price. If you have any delivery concerns, you can reach us through our phone or email.r request.

  • Jamindo is a leading manufacturer of large injection molding machines, which are used to produce large plastic products.
  • By choosing Jamindo’s large-part injection molding service, you will receive high-quality equipment that will ensure excellent performance when producing your products.
  • Jamindo is a professional large-part injection molding manufacturer. We are specialized in producing high-quality large injection molds and injection mold components.

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Jamindo Large Part Injection Molding is a process of injecting molten polymer into a mold cavity. The process is used to produce plastic parts with complex geometry and thin walls but with low part cost. Jamindo Large Part Injection Molding is also known as large-part injection molding or high-volume injection molding, perfect for industrial use and other industrial applications.




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FAQs of Large Part Injection Molding

If you are sending your part to a company that specializes in large part injection molding, it is important to understand how they will be shipping your parts. It is also essential to know what type of material they use and how they handle the material they receive. The most common way to ship these parts is by using an ocean freight shipment. This type of shipping is very cost-effective and allows for quick delivery times
There are several types of materials utilized for large part injection molding projects. The most common materials include nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, glass-filled nylon, and even some metals such as aluminum or steel. The type of material used will depend on what the end product will be used for as well as what type of production capacity you have available at your facility or facility where you would like to have the parts made.
Large Part Injection Molding (LPIM) is an additive manufacturing technology used to create large plastic parts. The process uses a high-pressure ram to inject molten plastic into a mold cavity. The material then cools and solidifies into a finished part that can be machined or molded further with other methods like machining, finishing, painting, and assembly. LPIM is used in the manufacturing of large plastic parts that require high precision and dimensional accuracy. This process is most commonly used for creating injection molding tools, molds, prototypes, and production parts such as automotive components and medical devices.
The cost depends on the complexity of your part and the material used. In general, the larger and more complex your part, the higher the cost. The cost also depends on the material you choose, as well as its thickness and geometry. For example, a part made from steel will be more expensive than one made from plastic. The average cost of large-part injection molding is between [ estimate cost ]. Compared to small injection molding, more materials mean additional cost. Creating injection molding small parts often uses a different machine, thus influencing the overall cost.
Large parts can be produced faster, with less mold changeover and fewer tooling costs. This is especially true for large, complex parts such as automotive bumpers and engine blocks. In addition, the cooling time associated with larger parts is much greater than that of smaller parts, giving them an advantage in terms of fast cycle times and reduced cycle cost.
This depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the geometry, the size of the part, and the material type used for production. For example, if you have an intricate part with complex features that require multiple machining operations, it will likely take longer to produce than a simple part with no complex features. In addition, the size of a part is an important factor in determining how long it takes to produce. It is much easier to machine a large block of metal than it is to machine a small one!

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