Polyurethane Injection Molding

Our Polyurethane Injection Molding is a top-notch service that gives all our customers hundred percent satisfaction. JamindoMFG sets the standard for local and international injection molding because of our quality services.
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Polyurethane Injection Molding Process

A material with excellent flexibility, polyurethane may be made in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of different industrial and commercial applications. It can be utilized frequently without worrying about cracks, wear, or degradation. JamindoMFG uses a variety of polyurethane moulding process to create its polyurethane-molded products.
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Step 1: Temperature Control Units (TCU)

When the IMM fires a “shot,” the flow from the TCU ensures that the mold surfaces are warm enough to allow the molten plastic to fill the mold. 

Step 2: Conveying, Mixing and Drying

 Our entire facility’s conveyance system moves raw materials to the mixing and blending components, where ingredients are mounted to hoops and transported to a sizable central dryer for material drying.

Step 3: Portable Chilling

Portable chillers are mobile units mounted machine-side to provide a cooling capacity of up to 50 tons with coolant flow routed directly to primary or auxiliary equipment or diverted to support TCU internal cooling circuits.

Step 4: Central Chilling

Using a network of cooling lines, central chillers can be employed alone, in tandem, or in numerous configurations to distribute the necessary capacity across the plant. 

Step 5: Water Recirculating System

Recirculating water systems can be a practical option for processors with access to clean, moderately priced water supplies. 

Advantages of Polyurethane Injection Molding

One of the most flexible plastic materials, polyurethane injection molding by JamindoMFG, is incredibly flexible and durable. Polyurethanes, created by a chemical reaction, can be specially manufactured to meet the requirements of specific applications and modified to deal with a wide range of product difficulties.

Low weight

JamindoMFG polyurethane compression molding can create lightweight components, making it appropriate for use in areas where weight is an issue.

Good abrasion resistance

Because our PU molding is abrasion-resistant, it is appropriate for applications where parts are vulnerable to deterioration.

Excellent temperature and Chemical Resistance

PU molding by JamindoMFG has good temperature resistance, making it appropriate for high-temperature applications. And it is resistant to various chemicals, it is appropriate for use in difficult situations.

Flexibility, strength, and durability

Applications requiring flexibility can benefit from the excellent flexibility that our PU molding can create in its parts. The molded polyurethane foam we provide is known for its incredible strength and durability, making it appropriate for various applications.

Your Polyurethane Injection Molding Supplier

The polyurethane injection molding process of JamindoMFG is designed to produce intricate, high-quality items. A complex product is what? It may be complex if your product needs to be bonded to an insert, have numerous materials injected, is enormous, or has thick and thin cross-sectional sections. JamindoMFG carries out all of these. Additionally, we have a range of injection molding equipment in sizes to handle small- to large-scale product sizes.

Dependable and Strong Final Products

High-Grade components

Modern Injection Molding Technique

Cost Effective

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Typical Applications

Many industries use our polyurethane molding, including the automotive, consumer goods, and medical sectors. The capacity to produce high-quality parts with great accuracy and reproducibility is provided. Polyurethane is the perfect material for various uses since it is durable, sturdy, and resists wear and tear.

Polyurethane automotive parts

Automotive parts

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Consumer Products


polyurethane industrial components

Industrial Components

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