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Tired of imagining things? Our experts will assist you in making it a reality by utilizing our high-quality 3D printing services. Jamindo specializes in 3D printing experts who can meet your industrial-grade needs by 3D printing high-quality prototypes and production parts with high precision. Get a quote now!

A Complete 3D Printing Solution for PLA

Jamindo provides a comprehensive spectrum of quality inspection services using cutting-edge technology offered by our facilities and partner ecosystem.
We have a quality management system in place to guarantee that our best 3d printing services are efficient and satisfy the needs of our clients. Our partners manufacture by, among other standards.
Through our knowledge, delivery punctuality, and customer satisfaction, we assist our clients in achieving the greatest possible speed to market and competitive advantage by sustainably creating at the lowest overall 3d printing service cost.


Explore the Application of PLA 3D Printing Service

Jamindo has been in the PLA 3D printing service for over 10 years giving only the best quality products to our customers. With high stiffness, good detail, and affordable PLA 3D prints, we ensure great low-cost prototyping and design verifications to all our end-users which are common in the market sector of the following:
Industry Based Applications

Industry Based Applications

Professional application

Professional application


Active technology

Active technology

IP Protection

IP Protection

Security and Hacking

Security and Hacking

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Jamindo has provided thousands of 3D-printed products fully customized for all our customers. It comes in different sizes and specifications, generally made for their use. As a 3D print product provider, we ensure quality with our latest production processes that use low-cost prototyping and design verification with swift turnaround times.

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Jamindo is the country's first one-stop store for all things 3D printing. We provide full-service scanning, prototyping, and printing, ensuring a high-quality result.

Our Ordering Process
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Step 3: Production

Our in-house team will proceed to production once your order was confirmed and verified.

Step 4: Testing and Shipping
Jamindo conducts a series of tests of our components before shipping.

FAQs of PLA 3D Printing Service

PLA, or polylactic acid, is among the most extensively used materials in desktop 3D printing. Because it can be produced at low temperatures and does not require a heated bed, it is the default filament for most extrusion-based 3D printers.
PLA is an easy-to-use thermoplastic with more strength and stiffness than ABS and nylon. PLA is one of the quickest materials to 3D print efficiently due to its low melting temperature and little distortion.
Polylactic Acid (PLA) is one of the most widely used materials in 3D printing, notably FDM. PLA filaments are an excellent starting point for 3D printing due to their ease of use and lack of warping. PLA is also one of the most ecologically friendly 3D printing materials, as it is biodegradable, unlike ABS.
Furthermore, PLA may be printed at low temperatures without a heated bed, although it has a tensile strength of 7,250 psi. However, because PLA is also biodegradable, it is unlikely to be suited for sustaining severe loads because it can become brittle.
The most severe issue with PLA is that it must be composted under extremely particular circumstances. PLA must be processed individually and delivered to a ‘closed composting environment’ instead of being recycled with conventional plastic waste, as it contaminates the recycling stream otherwise.

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