Nylon 3D Printing Service

Searching for professional nylon 3D printing services in your business? Jamindo is the best provider that you are looking for! Jamindo offers multiple grades of nylons through our selective laser sintering SLS 3d printing service and Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing processes. 3D Printed Nylon is your choice for designs and applications where you need to produce Nylon with excellent strength.

A Complete 3D Printing Solution for Nylon

Specializing in production-grade parts, we deliver unique designs to our customers using a wide range of 3D printing technologies. Our service allows our customers to get their products to market faster, disrupting traditional manufacturing methods.
Our team combines extensive experience and skill in prototyping, design, and manufacturing with advanced color 3D printing capabilities. We help you realize your vision efficiently and effectively.

Explore the Application of Nylon 3D Printing Service

Nylon is ideally suited for industrial and technical applications such as high-performance machine components, tools, and living hinges. It’s also sturdy and stable enough to be machined and drilled without warping or breaking. Below are some of the most common nylon 3D printing services applications you may be familiar with.

Manufacturing machinery


Living Hinges

Phone Cases


Consumer products

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Jamindo has a reputation for providing high-quality services with excellent speed and expertise. Whatever service you choose, we pledge not only to meet but surpass your expectations and ensure your complete pleasure. Our staff is ready for any task, managing projects with the expertise and experience that our clients have come to expect. 

Why Choose JAMINDO Nylon 3D Printing Service


We use cutting-edge technologies to create an advanced prototype.

Lots of Products to Choose from

You will discover something that matches your specialty since we have the greatest 3D printing and digital fabrication range, including high-temperature 3D printers and professional laser cutters.

Tested by the Pros

Jamindo's engineers and support staff have thoroughly tested every item we sell. We don't stock anything we don't believe in, and if something goes wrong with one of our goods, you know who to contact - literally, actual people answer the phones here.

Team Professionals

We are dedicated to enhancing your productivity by enabling engineers, technicians, and manufacturers to iterate fast from their workstations. Experts at Jamindo can propose the appropriate high-temperature, engineering-grade, or advanced material 3D printers for your specific use.


Every prototype is meticulously built to match our high-quality requirements.

Our Ordering Process
Step 1: Fast, Instant Online Quote

Request your free personalized, itemized quotation now and get it right away. Skip the waiting game and get right to work.

Step 2: We 3D Print it

Once your purchase has been completed, our skilled team will 3D print it utilizing the best materials and cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

Step 3: Production

Your components will be manufactured and prepared for quality control by our staff.

Step 4: Receive It

When your nylon 3D print is finished, Jamindo will mail it to your chosen location. Sit back and wait for your stunning 3D-printed component to arrive!

FAQs of Nylon 3D Printing Service

Nylon, commonly known as Nylon polyamide, is one of the most widely used and flexible 3D printing materials. Nylon is a synthetic polymer that is abrasion resistant, strong, and has more strength and durability than ABS and PLA thermoplastics.

Overall, 3D printing nylon is safe when done correctly. Work in a well-ventilated location with a printer that has an enclosure and an air filtering system. Avoid contacting the hot portions during operation, as with any 3D printer.

No, nylon 3D-printed components do not shrink. On the contrary, if produced correctly, 3D-printed objects excel at preserving their shape and structure even under severe loads and extreme temperatures.

Because of its high mechanical qualities, nylon filament is a good choice for creating functional components and end-use parts. The excellent abrasion resistance also protects it from wear and tear, allowing it to be used in sliding systems.

Nylon 6 and 12 are the two varieties of Nylon utilized in 3D printing. The most common variety is nylon 6, which has a low melting point and is easier to print. Nylon 12 has a greater melting point and is less brittle, although printing with it is more challenging.

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