TPE Injection Molding

Jamindo TPE injection molding exhibits excellent material properties such as flexural fatigue resistance, good electrical properties, muscular tear and abrasion resistance, and high impact strength and elongation—one of the most versatile injection molding services by Jamindo.

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TPE Material Injection Molding Process

Jamindo’s TPE injection molding incorporates many phases and procedures to produce top-notch TPE goods. To ensure project success, these methods are supported by our cutting-edge machining and creative production techniques.

TPE Material Injection Molding Process

Step 1: Material Development

Pellets of the material are frequently offered; any moisture must be dried before processing. The actual TPE material grade, as well as the temperature and time of drying, must be specified by the material supplier.

Step 2: Feeding

TPE pellets are loaded into the hopper of the injection molding machine, where they are melted and mixed before being sent to the feeder barrel. The Jamindo injection TPE molding kit comes with a system for regulating temperature.

Step 3: Injection and Cooling

The melted and mixed TPE is injected under high pressure into the mold cavity to fill it and create the component. After injection, the mold is refrigerated to help the TPE firm and take on the shape of the cavity.

Step 4: Ejection and Post-Process

After cooling, the mold is opened, and the part is ejected. Jamindo TPE parts underwent post-processing, including painting, printing, or assembly, to meet the requirements of a specific application.

Upsides to Injection Molding TPEs

Jamindo Injection Molding is a high-volume, high-tooling cost method; thanks to the exceptional characteristics of our TPE compounds, components may be manufactured quickly. Below are some of the significant advantages of Jamindo TPE injection molding:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Low and High Temperature Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Tensile Strength and Durability

Why Choose Us

TPEs are a popular injection molding plastic. However, having a solid plan and a capable manufacturing partner is essential to minimize the extra costs and dangers associated with insufficient drying or poor processing techniques. To obtain high-quality TPE parts, Jamindo offers the worldwide manufacturing network, production specialists you want and backed with latest TPE injection molding machines. Jamindo provides the expertise and knowledge to support you from part design through prototyping and production as your operating system for custom manufacturing.

  • Wide Material Variations
  • Precision Machining
  • Latest Injection Molding Technology
  • Expert Team of Engineers

TPE Injection Molding Application

Due to their distinctive qualities, thermoplastic elastomers are a common choice for injection molding. Today, they produce a wide variety of goods across numerous industries. Let’s look at a few applications for Jamindo TPE injection molding:

TPE Automotive


TPE Medical Industry

Medische industrie

TPE Electronics Industry

Electronics Industry

TPE Construction and Consumer Industry

Construction and Consumer Industry

TPE Sporting Goods