10 Leading Injection Molding Manufacturers

Looking for reliable injection manufacturers? The best businesses for your industry have been gathered in this piece, and the detailed operation of the accessible injection molding is addressed. Continue reading!
The growing demand for plastic components from various industries including packaging, electrical, electronics, home appliances, and automotive gives a big break for injection molding manufacturers. Giving them a separate market to build an industry to prosper.
Injection Molding Manufacturers together with the latest technologies and machinery nowadays give significant production enhancement that will eventually make the mass production of complicated plastic shapes faster and easier. Their continuous innovations along with fast-phased improvements and changes in tools, equipment, packaging, and other plastic usage gave them substantial growth over the years.
Best Injection Molding Manufacturers of 2023

Injection Molding Market Overview

The global injection molding market measure was USD 343.23 billion in 2020. The market is anticipated to develop from USD 357.34 billion in 2021 to USD 476.46 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 4.2% amid the 2021-2028 period. The worldwide effect of COVID-19 has been uncommon and staggering, with the item seeing a negative request stun over all districts in the midst of widespread. Based on their analysis, the worldwide market showed a decay of 3.2% in 2020. The sudden rise in CAGR is inferable to this market’s demand and growth, returning to pre-pandemic levels once the widespread is over.

10 Leading Injection Molding Manufacturers

Injection Molding is one of the foremost vital forms for mass-production of objects from thermoplastics, as a rule without extra wrapping up being required. Nowadays, most plastic injection molding machines are the all-inclusive sorts, which can acknowledge all types of molds, inside limits. Here are some of the leading manufacturers of Injection Molding in the industry today.

Xometry Injection Molding

Xometry could be a driving AI-enabled commercial center for on-demand manufacturing, transforming one of the biggest businesses in the world. Xometry Injection Molding uses its exclusive innovation to make a commercial center that empowers buyers to source on-demand manufactured parts and gatherings effectively and engages vendors of manufacturing services to develop their businesses. Xemotry’s buyers run from self-funded new businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Xometry Official Website: https://www.xometry.com/
Xometry Injection Molding: https://www.xometry.com/capabilities/injection-molding-service/
About Xometry: https://www.xometry.com/about-us/
Xometry Other Tools: https://www.xometry.com/cad-add-ins/

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Xometry2013Derwood, MarylandRandy Altschuler

Montrose Molders Corporation Injection Molding

Montrose Molders offers its client brilliantly and imaginative arrangements for their injection molding, extrusion, tooling, part decoration, and assembly needs. Montrose was born from humble beginnings, beginning as a 22-person tool shop in 1966 that made tight resistance manufactured for different plastics-related businesses. In 1972, Montrose contributed its to begin with injection molding press and there was no turning back from there. Today, over fifty long times afterward, Montrose Molders has created a vertically coordinates producer competent of giving its esteemed clients an assortment of services. Montrose can help in your mechanical portion design necessities, manufacture your instrument or kick the bucket, manufacture your most complex plastic portion and enhance and pack congregations of any kind. Montrose is really a one-stop arrangement for all of your plastics manufacturing needs.

Montrose Molders Corporation Official Website: https://www.montrosemolders.com/
Montrose Molders Injection Molding: https://www.montrosemolders.com/services
About Montrose Molders Corp: https://www.montrosemolders.com/about-us
Montrose Molders Corp Other Projects: https://www.montrosemolders.com/projects

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Montrose Molders1966Piscataway, NJWilliam Wilson

The Rodon Group Injection Molding

Rodon Group was the founder of Irving Glickman and had a celebrated and effective manufacturing career that crossed seven decades. As a pioneer in the advancement of manufactured elastic, Mr. Glickman saw the more prominent potential of thermoplastics, and in 1956, he established the Rodon Group. The company’s development quickened in 1992 when Irving’s child, Joel Glickman, designed the well-known development toy framework known as K’NEX. They have made over 39 billion parts over the past 25 years. Since 1956, they developed from a humble four-pass operation to 125 machines with mechanical capabilities.
Whereas the return of US manufacturing is making the features these days, Mr. Glickman never faltered from his commitment to creating quality Made-In-America products. The Rodon Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, lofty volume, custom plastic injection molder. They offer a turnkey and inventive manufacturing arrangement counting form design, shape building, and lofty volume parts manufacturing. They have universally competitive costs that dispense with the dangers of sourcing seaward. With over 125 plastic injection molding presses, The Rodon Group is one of the biggest family-owned and worked injection molders in the United States.

The Rodon Group Official Website: https://www.rodongroup.com/
The Rodon Group Injection Molding: https://www.rodongroup.com/plastic-injection-molding
About Rodon Group: https://www.rodongroup.com/about-us
The Rodon Group Design: https://www.rodongroup.com/design

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
The Rodon Group1956United States of AmericaMichael Araten

D&M Plastics LLC Injection Molding

D&M Plastics was established in 1972 and has been an injection molding industry pioneer, specifically in tight resistance, exceedingly built resins, and lofty cavitation parts to suit the foremost complex geometries, for the foremost requesting businesses. And there did it securely and in a naturally inviting way. D&M clients number on us for predominant quality, on-time conveyance, and competitive estimating to meet their generation objectives and results. This is why they offer a ensure of fulfillment.

D&M Plastics Official Website: https://www.dmplastics.com/
D&M Plastics Injection Molding: https://www.dmplastics.com/molding-services/
About D&M Plastics: https://www.dmplastics.com/who-we-are/
D&M Plastics Valued Added Services: https://www.dmplastics.com/value-added-services/

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
D&M Plastics1972USADavid Mark

R&D Molders Facility Injection Molding

R&D Molders Inc has been giving custom blow molding, injection molding tooling, and related auxiliary services to an assortment of clients for a variety of applications. They have effectively created arrangements for the Therapeutic, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Sporting Goods, Electronics, GSA/DOD, Home & Garden, and Energy industries. They are devoted to the conviction that their commitment to their client’s arrangements comes to begin within everything they do. They accept the finest degree in achievement is a high level of customer satisfaction and rehash business. R&D Molders, Inc may be a trusted and experienced trade with to begin with lesson manufacturing operations, gear, and ability. They started molding in 1974 when Colonel W.C Brown was granted a military contract to supply GI Canteens for the government back in 1974. In 1978 Gregory C. Brown took over operations from the Colonel and developed the commerce by advertising fabulous client encounters and giving the best quality solutions for interesting applications. They have since advanced increasingly into a genuine custom molder relentlessly growing their client base each year.

R&D Molders Facility Official Website: https://www.rdmolders.com/
R&D Molders Facility Injection Molding: https://www.rdmolders.com/molding-services
About R&D Molders Facility: https://www.rdmolders.com/our-company
R&D Molders Facility Other Design: https://www.rdmolders.com/engineering

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
R&D Molders Inc.1974Georgetown, TexasGreg Brown

MVP Plastics Injection Molding

MVP Plastics may be a flexible plastics component processor with hardware and forms serving different markets from its offices in Middlefield, Ohio, Brownsville, and Texas. MVP Plastics’ competitive advantage is based on its capacity to lead the industry by directing clients to arrange that are fetched productive without relinquishing the quality. They have invested in offices, gear, and individuals to supply the best score services to their clients.

MVP Plastics Official Website: https://www.mvpplastics.com/
MVP Plastics Injection Molding: https://www.mvpplastics.com/engineering/
About MVP Plastics: https://www.mvpplastics.com/about-us/
MVP Plastics Quality System: https://www.mvpplastics.com/quality-systems/

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
MVP Plastics1995McAllen, TXDarrell McNair

Colonial Engineering Inc. Injection Molding

Colonial Engineering Inc was established in 1972 and started molding Sch 40/80 PVC & CPVC pipe-fittings. In 1984, they included plastic ball valves, butterfly valves, and check valves to extend their capabilities within the mechanical PVF, handle channeling, water treatment, pool/spa, commercial plumbing, and irrigation markets. Colonial Engineering Inc. Injection Molding business in 1985, building on the skill picked up from molding exclusive products within the valve and pipe-fitting markets. Involvement in working with CPVC, PVC, PP, ABS, HDPE, Noryl, and other materials has empowered us to work with an assortment of businesses. In expansion, they perform auxiliary CNC machining operations, hot stamp and cushion print, and sub-assembly.

Colonial Engineering Inc. Official Website: https://colonialengineering.com/
Colonial Engineering Inc Injection Molding: https://colonialengineering.com/custom-injection-molding/
About Colonial Engineering Inc: https://colonialengineering.com/about-us/
Colonial Engineering Inc Other Products: https://colonialengineering.com/valves-unions-strainers/

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Colonial Engineering Inc1972Portage, MIPatrick Beebe

Beacon MedTech Solutions Injection Molding

Beacon MedTech Solutions is an accuracy component that can total a single-use framework, bring a modern restorative device to advertise, or basically spare a life, they wish to design and are able belief to keep pace and provide the correct comes about. Beacon MedTech Solutions makes a difference you illuminate complex manufacturing issues, adjust to fast-changing pre-requisites, and assist crucial innovations. OEMs, new businesses, and contract producers over the medical, Bio-Pharma, and Life Sciences industries tally on us for their specialty mastery, high configurable competencies, and, most vitally, uncommon individuals. Their experienced specialized, building and operations group moves rapidly to assist clients to meet quickened requests in the midst of always changing requirements and rising value.

Beacon MedTech Solutions Official Website: https://beaconmedtech.com/
Beacon MedTech Solutions Injection Molding:https://beaconmedtech.com/capabilities/precision-molding/
About Beacon MedTech Solutions: https://beaconmedtech.com/about/
Beacon Medtech Markets Components: https://beaconmedtech.com/markets/bio-pharma-system-components/

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Beacon MedTech Solutions1984Massachusetts, United StatesJohn Banks

Broker Manufacturing LLC Injection Molding

BrokerMFG could be a chief custom thermoplastic injection molding manufacturer found in Milwaukee. BrokerMFG was established in 1984, the trade is centered on giving 100% deformity-free parts which drop into the taking categories. Their manufacturer has the capability to plan parts., develop the device, and create the parts in any volume fundamental.

Broker Manufacturing LCC Official Website: https://www.brokermfg.com/
Broker Manufacturing Injection Molding: https://www.brokermfg.com/prototype
About BrokerMFG: https://www.brokermfg.com/what-we-do
BrokerMFG Industries that they Served: https://www.brokermfg.com/industriesserved

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
BrokerMFG1984MilwaukeeDean Krotts

Houston Plastic Product Injection Molding

Houston Plastic Product was established in 1955, products have been manufacturing, collecting, and conveying quality plastic parts and components for clients all over the world. They give quick prototyping, injection molding, tooling parts gathering, plan bolster, and more. Let us assist you to compress time to market, maximizing execution, diminishing hazards, and spare money. They offer assistance to clients all through numerous stages of the manufacturing preparation, specializing in high-quality, custom components where demanding resistances are required. Houston Plastics products employment building review resins and high-grade materials to guarantee all products perform precisely as aimed with strict adherence to our customers’ design determinations. They know that they are as it were as great as the final extent their conveyed and all of their customers’ brands are influenced and measured by each piece they manufacture and provide.

Houston Plastic Product Official Website: https://www.houstonplastic.com/
Houston Plastic Injection Molding: https://www.houstonplastic.com/plastic-manufacturing/injection-molding
About Houston Plastic Product: https://www.houstonplastic.com/about-us
Houston Plastic Product Industries: https://www.houstonplastic.com/industries

Services Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Houston Plastic Product1955United StatesAndrew Wooley

Things to Consider when Choosing Injection Molding Manufacturer

With different benefits like upgraded proficiency, durability, etc credited to the method, the choice is simple. But presently that you’ve chosen your manufacturing strategy, what are the key components to consider when choosing an injection molding manufacturer to accomplice with? Since plastic is part of manufacturing and may be a decently complicated handle, it is critical to consider a few vital variables while choosing a plastic injection molding manufacturer.
Here are 7 things that need to consider in choosing an injection molding manufacturer:

Great Design Team

Design is one of the foremost imperative angles of a plastic molded portion. Selecting a plastic injection molding company that includes an awesome design team will go a long way in guaranteeing the required last come about. Starting with a clear design idea is imperative to guarantee that the production activity gets on proficiently. The design handle may be an exceptionally critical stage on the extent. This is often where a venture turns efficient in terms of fetched and time. Choosing an injection molder that incorporates a great design team and can get involved at this early organize of the venture is consequently imperative to realize the targets. An experienced designed group ought to be able to rearrange the geometry of the portion in arrange to play down the number of parts. This can be a vital step in choosing the general budget as well as extending the return on speculations.

Production Volume and Capacity

It is imperative to contract down your choice of a plastic injection molding company by considering the volume and estimate of your generation pre-requisites. Different molders specialize in completely different capacities. Low to direct capacity injection molders will be able to convey a generation of 10,000 parts or underneath. Low to direct volume products are incredible for those considering these ranges of volume or looking to make models for testing. Different applications like therapeutic devices, aero engineering parts, agriculture components, etc are not required to be delivered in lofty volumes. A low to direct extending plastic injection molding company is reasonable for such orders. For parts that require gigantic generation numbers, molders specializing in creating bulk (more than 7,50,000 units) volumes ought to be considered. These are as a rule considered for parts utilizing little measured molds.

Complete Range of Services and Product Applications

Injection Molding Company which moreover gives an early level interview, beginning from the plan and concept arranged of the portion can offer assistance make an ideal design that meets their budget pre-requisites. When considering a plastic injection molding company, think of the extended services as well as specialized necessities amid the manufacturing handle. Choosing a molder who offers a total extent of services prototyping, portion design, mold flow analysis, etc in expansion to the regular service is profoundly suggested. A one-arrangement plastic injection molding company will assist and make their wanted products while catering to their budget needs together with time productivity.

Product Application

Another imperative part to consider when choosing a plastic injection molding manufacturer is the item application. The planning utilization of the portion is fundamental when considering different manufacturing stages just like the plan, improvement, and generation. An injection molding ought to be able to guide in selecting the proper sort of plastic for diverse product applications.

Specification Requirements and Technology Available

A great plastic injection molding ought to be able to direct you as well as make appropriate proposals on the premise of the details required inside a plastic portion. And this should happen without having to compromise on the point of interest. Clinch that the plastic injection molding has selected an adequate foundation involvement is prescribed. Additionally, check on the advances accessible with the manufacturer and involvement in utilizing them


In expansion to the contemplations like innovation and details, it is vital that the chosen plastic injection molding manufacturer is well set up and has an in-house quality confirmation group to screen the method. While this figure is frequently disregarded, it is very crucial in guaranteeing that you simply get the leading services. The plastic market is profoundly competitive. Choosing a plastic injection molding manufacturer that has the capacity to supply quality guaranteed products and is committed to giving effective services is imperative.

Time Consideration

Time is the main thought amid the manufacturing process of plastic molded parts. Mold building can take in anyplace from four to twelve weeks. It is subsequently key for the form creators to figure out different time-taking steps like design modifications, the complexity of the portion, and the time taken to talk with the designers and engineers. It is additionally major to account for startling delays like inaccessibility of plastics resins, shipping delays, etc. Talk Through the time imperatives along with the chosen plastic injection molding manufacturer during the early stage of the extension is critical. This will assist the gauge in their generation capacity and allow a practical gauge of the time necessities.


Injection molding manufacturers have a key role in our day-to-day living with the produced products that we used. Given the demand that all consumers impose and the production of industries that continually circulate, this market will give more and more openings to other manufacturing services that surely will give us a wider variety of products and consumables in the future. This guide and information given about injection molding manufacturing from types, definitions, and things to consider will surely help you find your perfect injection molding manufacturer.