Polyethylene Injection Molding Service Factory in China

Jamindo is a well-known producer of your first choice for Polyethylene injection molded items. We are an ISO accredited polyethylene molding company with expertise and know-how to produce premium custom items. From the ground up, our team is involved in developing a molding solution to satisfy any requirement.
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Our Polyethylene (PE) Injection Molding Procedures

We at Jamindo, a market-leading producer of injection molding, work with all the major assortments of polyethylene. We have the ability and involvement fundamental to create premium custom plastic molding kits that fulfill or outperform your most impenetrable prerequisites as an ISO-certified trade.
JAMINDO Injection Molding Procedures

Step 1: Clamping

Clamping is the primary step within the injection molding preparation. The clamping unit gets the mold’s two sides, and after the two parts are pushed together by the plastic molding machine, infusion can start.

Step 2: Molding

The melted plastic is then created by melting it in a container after which it is pushed into the mold to generate the liquid.

Step 3: Dwelling

The another step is the dwelling stage, amid which the shape is totally filled with plastic. Usually fulfilled by squeezing down on the shape until it totally encases all of its cavities.

Step 4: Cooling

The cooling stage, which is the fourth step, is the least demanding. The shape is cleared out unattended so that the plastic inside can cool and start to cement.

Step 5: Mold Opening

Cleaning and releasing agent preparations are done for the mold. The mold surface is treated with a gel coat and given time to cure if a cosmetic surface finish is necessary.

Stap 6: Uitwerpen

During each injection molding cycle, molded parts need to be released from the cavity by ejection system. It is also called de-molding system. When no special ejector problems are expected, a standard ejector pin will perform well, a sleeve ejector is used to provide uniform ejection around core pin.

Jamindo Polyethylene (PE) Injection Molding Capabilities

Complex Design
Custom Injection Molding

Custom injection molding is a manufacturing technique used to produce unique plastic pieces.

2-schot spuitgieten
2-schot spuitgieten

Double shot injection molding is a process that involves filling a mold with thermoplastic resin.

Jamindo invoegen spuitgietproces

Overmolding provides improved functionality, appearance, and bond quality to products while saving you time and money.

In-Mold Labeling
In-Mold Decorating & In-Mold Labeling

IMD includes softening pre-made plastic parts together in a shape, and after that infusing liquid plastic around them.

Why Choose Jamindo Polyethylene (PE) Injection Molding?

Professional PE Injection Manufacturer

We utilize state-of-the-art innovation, remarkable craftsmanship and advanced offices to ensure high quality molds and parts for our clients worldwide.

Reputable Corporate Leadership

With our extensive injection molding knowledge, strong local support from our international staff, and competitive pricing, we have built long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with numerous well-known corporations throughout the world.

  • World Class Equipment- Injection molding machines, CNC, processing machines, processors, wire cutters, machining centers, and other hardware are all accessible at Jamindo.
  • After-sales Service Satisfaction- People from all walks of life are cordially invited to phone or visit us to talk business and build amicable cooperative relationships.
  • Quality Driven-Jamindo has been helping customers to make mold parts and products by offering quality products and satisfactory service to our customers.

Polyethylene (PE) Injection Molding Successful Case

Since there are so many different types of polyethylene that may be used for injection molding, the substance can be changed to match practically any industrial application. We can create anything you can think of. We want to rank among the world’s fastest and most dependable molding companies. Typical uses comprise:
Polyethylene Injection Molding for Dredging


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Spuitgieten voor de bouw

Construction Industry

Polyethylene Injection Molding for Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment

Spuitgieten voor de medische industrie

Medische industrie

Polyethylene Injection Molding for Building and Construction

Bouw en constructie

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Jamindo has been designing and building plastic injection mould since 2009, using innovative design techniques. Our customers are mainly in Automotive, Electronics, Appliance, Medical, Housewares industries. We offer a variety of tooling services including Prototyping Mold,Multi-shot molds/2K molds and Insert overmolding.

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