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Jamindo is one of the leading plastic bottle mould manufacturers in the market today. We offer a bottle molding process that reduces production costs and increases the quality of the final product. Our skilled team of technicians has years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and assembling bottle molds for various industries.

Jamindo Bottle Molding Service

Bottles are widely used in different industries, from food and beverages and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and many other applications. With the increasing demand for innovative products, the bottle industry has become one of the most important sectors in today’s market.

Using the latest equipment and machines, we are able to provide plastic bottle mould price that can meet your requirements. We have a wide range of plastic bottle moulding machines that allow us to manufacture different types of bottles. Our bottle molds are made from high-quality materials, so you are sure to get what you need at a price that is reasonable and in a timely manner.

Advantages of Jamindo Bottle Molding

Bajo coste

The most important advantage of our bottle molding is that it is cost-effective.

Short Lead Time

You can get your product delivered within a short time frame, as we know how important deadlines are for you.

High Quality

Our products are of high quality because we use the latest technology in manufacturing them.

Fast Production Speed

Our bottle molding is a relatively new technology that allows for very fast production speeds.

Large Product Variety

Jamindo bottle molding also allows you to produce a variety of different-sized and shaped bottles with ease.


The technology is scalable, and you can get a small or large number of bottles produced depending on your needs.

Explore Our Bottle Molding Service

If you are new in the bottle molding business or have an operational business that relies on bottles, we can help you out. Here’s how we create a quality bottle molding process bringing you the best bottles for your business.


The first step in the bottle molding process is preheating. The preheating stage is used to increase the temperature of the plastic so that it will flow more easily through the injection machine’s nozzle.


Once the appropriate temperature has been reached, the plastic can be melted and injected into a mold using an injection machine. Once it hardens, it will form into the shape of the mold cavity and create a finished product ready for use.


Once the plastic has been molded, it needs to be cooled quickly. This is done in a cooling tunnel where the temperature is gradually reduced to allow the plastic to solidify. The speed at which cooling takes place depends on the type of material used and its thickness.


Finishing is where the mold is removed, and any imperfections are repaired. The final product will be inspected for defects and then packaged for distribution ensuring nothing goes wrong during the delivery process.

Different Bottle Moulding Materials

Casos de éxito

With many years of experience and expertise, Jamindo has been a trusted name when it comes to providing high-quality plastic injection molds for a variety of industries. We have over 1,000 customers from around the world. Here are just some of their success stories:

Home Care Products Industry

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Personal Care Products

Alimentación y bebidas

Electronics & Computers

Industria médica

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We understand how important your product is to your business, and that’s why we worked hard to develop a fast bottle molding turnaround time. Our high-quality mold-making process enables us to complete a plastic injection mold in just 15 days, depending on your requirements.

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