Polystyrene Injection Molding

JamindoMFG polystyrene injection molding service is top in its sector. Providing quality plastic products with multiple features and wide applications perfect for businesses.
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Polystyrene Injection Molding Process

For injection molding, polystyrene works well. It can create foam or solid, stiff items through injection molding. Its excellent melting point means that more energy is needed to produce it. It makes up for this with its slight shrinkage, which enables fine design detail.
Polystyrene Injection Molding Process

Step 1: Pre-expansion

In this method, beads are heated with the help of a stream of steam, which causes the blowing agent to boil and creates a honeycomb of closed cells.

Step 2: Maturing

Pentane liquefies as the material cools, creating a partial vacuum inside the bead. To help the pressure differential equalize and produce a stabilized granule, the beads are put back into a holding tank for around twelve hours.

Step 3: Final Forming

During this final step, the pre-expanded stabilized beads are reheated with steam in a mold. The beads combine to form a formed molding as the last expansion occurs.

Advantages of Polystyrene Injection Molding

Due to its unique properties, JamindoMFG polystyrene injection molding products offer different advantages to our end-users. Below are some of the stand-out benefits our polystyrene injection molding provides.


JamindoMFG's use as a packaging material reduces the overall product weight because of its low weight. Compared to conventional packing materials, this lowers transportation expenses.


JamindoMFG's extraordinary resilience enables it to safeguard a variety of commodities successfully. Polystyrene uses is perfect for cool-chain food products because it doesn't lose strength in humid environments. The material's resistance to moisture also means that it complies with the strictest hygienic standards.


Food remains fresh throughout the distribution chain because of its thermal insulation qualities. It is frequently used for seed trays and fish packaging, where reduced heat loss promotes plant growth.

Why Choose Us

In its porous state, polystyrene from Jamindo MFG may maintain good stiffness. The foam would be overly soft if the material were too flexible. Such delicate foam would lack the necessary cushioning to shield a product from harm. Our polystyrene foam is flexible enough to deflect force and hard to sustain impact.
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PS Plastic Examples

polystyrene toys 2


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polystyrene plastic molded chaires

Plastic Molded Chaires

polystyrene food packaging

Food Packaging

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