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Jamindo Polypropylene Injection Molding has broad encounters in a wide assortment of applications. To amplify our advanced apparatus and our long time of plastic forming mastery, combined with our plan, imagination, and imaginative enthusiasm – blending these with the backing and ability of our parent company to convey the most excellent in polypropylene injection forming.
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Jamindo Polypropylene Injection Molding Process

Jamindo offers polypropylene injection molding benefits and specializes in different plastic molds for automotive, home machines, gadgets, and standard mechanical. Our mission is to be a proficient, dependable, and inventive toolmaker and plastic molding company. Our beat-level services are continuously included, and we utilize a cutting-edge management framework.
JAMINDO Injection Molding Procedures

Step 1: Drying

Polypropylene (PP) Injection does not get to be dried if put away appropriately. Not at all like ABS plastic, it does not retain dampness.

Step 2: Melting Point

The dissolving point of polypropylene injection ought to be kept up between 220 – 280℃ / 428 – 536℉. The temperature under no circumstances ought to go higher than 280℃ / 536℉ as that would break down the plastic.

Step 3: Polypropylene Injection Molding Pressure

The polypropylene injection molding Pressure ought to be as tall as 180 MPa, where a screw in a warmed barrel pivots to transport, dissolve and pressurize the polymer within the barrel. After that response, the screw infuses the dissolve into the form.

Step 4: Mold Temperature

The perfect form temperature ought to be set at 50℃ / 122℉, but it can moreover shift anyplace between 20 – 80℃ / 68 – 176℉. The shape temperature decides the crystallinity level of the Polypropylene injection.

Step 5: Runners and Gates

The gate and runner have to be ideally outlined, agreeing to the plastic. The typical distance for cold runner molds ought to be between 4 to 7mm. Within the case of edge gating, the profundity of the door ought to be no lower than half of the divider thickness.

Step 6: Polypropylene Injection Molding Speed

The high-speed injection ought to be chosen to diminish inside stretch and change. On the off chance that stripe blended with brightness and haziness spread by the entryway shows up in a surface bent enhancing design, at that point, low injection and higher module temperature ought to be utilized.

Our Polypropylene Injection Molding Capabilities

Chemical Resistant

Weakened bases and acids don't respond promptly with polypropylene, which makes it an excellent choice for holders of such fluids, such as cleaning specialists, first-aid items, and more.

Elasticity and Toughness

Polypropylene will act versatility over a certain extent of avoidance (like all materials). Durability is a design term characterized as a material's capacity to distort (plastically, not flexibly) without breaking.

Fatigue Resistance

Polypropylene holds its shape after a parcel of torsion, bowing, and flexing. This property is significant for making living pivots.


Polypropylene Injection Molding quality control doesn't stop at the fruitful conclusion of portion design and engineering.

Why Choose JAMINDO Polypropylene Injection Molding?


Each day we work to improve and move forward with our forms. Our restrictive and productive states grant us an edge in our industry, and we pass the reserve funds on to you.

ISO Accredited

Supported by its quality affirmation program, Jamindo's mission is to supply molded items that meet or surpass its clients' prerequisites and desires. Company management is committed to nonstop quality headways.

  • Customer Commitment – Our clients persistently attempt to discover high-quality things at a sensible fetch. That’s why we guarantee that all of our things meet their desires.
  • Growth – To see alter within the showcase as an opportunity to develop and utilize our benefits and our capacity to create and deliver innovative services and arrangements that fulfill rising client needs.
  • Our team of industry experts – Our group of individuals is significantly gifted in their specific regions, enabling us to supply greatness for each client working with us.

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Polypropylene injection molding could be a thermoplastic, meaning it can be effectively molded into distinctive shapes due to its semi-crystalline nature and moo soften consistency. Plan and shape custom polypropylene injection components for your industry, counting idler pulleys, roller chain sprockets, and rebar chairs. Polypropylene is commonly utilized in applications such as:

Food Industry

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Medical Supplies

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Kunststoff-Spritzgießen Haushaltsprodukte

Plastic Firms

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