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Jamindo has employed liquid injection molding to create specific LSR components for over two decades. We can supply high-quality, high-volume LSR components to our client’s thanks to our cutting-edge facility in China with fully automated liquid injection molding (LIM) cells, inline vision technology, lights-out capabilities, value-added operations stations, and finely tuned quality systems.
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Jamindo LSR Injection Molding Process

To maintain our position as a leading provider of liquid silicone rubber injection molding services and a business partner you can trust, Jamindo offers various services, including design support, pre-production prototypes, and pilot runs, as well as high precision, large-scale LSR parts and component production.

Step 1: Preparation of the mixture

Depending on the required qualities of the finished product, LSR typically comprises two components: pigment and additives (such as fillers). The mixture’s pieces are homogenized in this step and can be integrated with the temperature stabilization system for improved silicone temperature control (ambient temperature or silicone preheating).

Step 2: Mold Clamping

Silicone injection can be performed in a vacuum or under atmospheric pressure. The injection pressure used for the product being created and the silicone’s qualities, such as viscosity, affect the injection time. A clamping device closes the mold in the subsequent stage.

Step 3: Mold Curing

The curing stage is a critical step in processing silicone rubber, where the material transforms from a liquid to a solid state. Temperature and pressure increase inside the mold can be observed as a result of the exothermic effect of a curing reaction and high thermal expansion of silicone.

Schritt 4: Kunststoffeinspritzung

Once the pellets have been liquefied, the plastic will be infused into the form at a high weight. This can be where the magic happens, and your parts will begin to require shape.

Schritt 5: Kühlung

Silicone rubber injection molding is the final step in the silicone rubber production process. It involves a series of steps, including moulding, demolding, cooling and final cooling in ambient circumstances.

Schritt 6: Auswurf

Once the portion has cooled and solidified, it’ll be prepared to be catapulted from the form. Our machines are prepared with ejector pins that will thrust the portion out of the shape.

Our LSR Injection Molding Capabilities

Single-shot molding

Only one LSR material is used for injection molding items in this molding process.

2-Shot Injection Molding
Multi-shot molding

LSR is integrated with two or more polymers or a polymer plus substrate for more complicated components.

Jamindo Insert-Spritzgießverfahren

Overmolding involves molding liquid silicone rubber around a substrate or completed product.


This injection moulding technique produces small, intricate pieces with a shot weight of under 1 gram.

Why Choose Jamindo LSR Injection Molding?

Long-Term Production

Jamindo's production molds were designed and constructed for long-term, large-volume automated production. Jamindo uses a top-tier mold provider to produce its molds.

Advanced Molding Technology and Quality Assurance

Our molding process is controlled using various processing and quality techniques. Only in-spec quality parts will reach our clients' receiving docks with our inline vision technology.

  • Value-Added Operations- Our customers can accomplish their cost and productivity goals by fully automated high-capacity molds, LSR injection molding, and inline secondary processes.
  • 24/7 Customer Support- Jamindo ensures meeting all of your needs with the hard effort of our sales team and program team, who will be at your service.
  • Consistent Delivery- Jamindo guarantees a more reliable delivery due to its extensive inventory capacities, efficient production, and electric system.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Cases

No matter the sector, our liquid injection molding cells enable the creation of liquid silicone rubber parts or components that need to survive harsh environments and improve the performance of your goods. The following sectors and applications:

Life Science

Spritzgießen für die Automobilindustrie


Spritzgießen von Konsumgütern


Safety and Special Applications

Spritzgießen von Elektronikartikeln



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Jamindo’s automated solutions robotically delivers and precisely positions items into specialized fixtures and guides to complete production procedures. With a shorter supply chain, our customers benefit from high-yield manufacture of completed products as well as cost and time savings. You may rely on Jamindo for your long-term, high-volume programs that need LSR components. We offer different molding solutions such as:


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