EVA Injection Molding

Jamindo specializes in EVA injection molding process and providing integrated foam production solutions. We ensure all our products and materials are extensively tested, evaluated, and optimized ahead of mass production.

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Jamindo EVA Injection Molding Process

To come up with our top-rated EVA injection products, Jamindo focuses on innovative material development, prototyping, and testing. We strictly follow our EVA foam molding process and conduct random quality testing for each procedure to attain the quality products we serve fully.

EVA Injection Molding Process

Step 1: Designing

Jamindo designs complex geometry which produces lighter, more flexible foam where molded goods are more efficient.

Schritt 2: Werkzeugbau

Jamindo self-ejection injection molds have smaller cavities.

Schritt 3: Produktion

Jamindo will handle the actual production of your EVA moldings after the mold is complete.

Step 4: Finishing

Jamindo enables you to make any final touches you need to make it perfect.

Why Choose Jamindo EVA Injection Molding

Foam and styrofoam injection molding is a specialty of Jamindo, which offers a variety of foam formulations. We create and manufacture a variety of foam compounds for injection, particularly our original shock-absorbing formulas. We are skilled in providing ODM, Joint Design & Development manufacturing, and OEM services.

  • Strong Capabilities.
  • Cutting Edge Services.
  • Innovative Solution.
  • Full-Scale Production.

Plastic Injection Molding Applications

From formulating the EVA injection material to providing technical assistance in creating the ideal tooling for the job, our R&D team collaborates closely with you throughout the development of your project to the final production stage. Jamindo will put forth an unwavering effort to meet and surpass your expectations. We are providing you with a wide variation of products from our sophisticated EVA injection molding service.

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Personal Protection of EVA Injection Molding

Personal Protection

Sports and Leisure of EVA Injection Molding

Sports and Leisure

Footwear of EVA Injection Molding


Medical of EVA Injection Molding


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Art and Living

FAQs of EVA Injection Molding Service

Amazingly, EVA injection molding may be used to create plastic items. Melting plastic must be poured into a custom-made shape and then allowed to cool and solidify. Ethylene-vinyl acetate is transformed using this method into unique thermoplastic wonders. For excellent outcomes, foam-based material is properly blended before being precisely implanted at the correct temperatures.

Because producers can create compatible parts quickly and consistently, expensive labor is no longer needed to trim or machine the pieces into form.

Minimizing energy needs and processes requiring less maintenance and technical know-how can drastically reduce production costs.

Sports equipment, toys, shoes, and helmets can all be mass-produced using an adaptable and affordable manufacturing technique called EVA injection molding. EVA injection molding is a versatile and valuable technology that creates everything from safety devices to elaborate 3D-printed parts thanks to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

When creating these components, it is crucial to consider five factors: wall thickness, material selection, part shape, and surface treatment. The limitations that each element imposes must be taken into account while selecting design parameters.