Ceramic Injection Moulding

Jamindo manufactures complex-shaped items using ceramic injection moulding applicable across various industries. The industries we serve include aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, electrical and electronics, healthcare, etc.

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Ceramic Injection Moulding Process

Similar to making plastic, the ceramic injection moulding process involves using an injection mould. In this process, alumina powder and binders are blended and melted which is forced under high pressure into a custom mould to form specific parts.
ceramic injection molding

Step 1: Blending materials

Ceramic powders are compounded with polymer binders and transferred into the feedstock.

Step 2: Moulding

The feedstock is plasticised and transferred with high pressure into a mould.

Step 3: Debinding

After moulding, the next step is to remove the binder (i.e. polymer) that was added during the moulding stage. The polymer can be removed chemically or thermally.

Step 4: Sintering

The ceramic particles are fused to become a solid object. The outcome is a ceramic component with excellent resistant properties.

Materials Used in Ceramic Injection Moulding

The materials used in ceramic injection moulding are high-purity oxides such as Alumina and Zirconia. These materials enable the cast ceramic products to have characteristics such as durability, resistance and hardness.

Alumina Ceramics

This is the most common material used in ceramic additive manufacturing. It has properties such as high mechanical strength, heat and corrosion resistance and electrical insulation.

Zirconia Ceramics

This is known to be the strongest type of ceramics. Its properties include a high level of damage tolerance and resistance to wear and tear.

Custom Ceramic Injection Moulding

Ceramic rapid prototyping is used to create custom parts used in a wide range of applications. This process produces complex parts using materials (Alumina and Zirconia) that would have been difficult or impossible using other methods.


Ceramic Moulding Injection Application

ceramic dental and medical

Medical and dental

ceramic automotive parts


ceramic solar industry 2

Solar industry

ceramic electrical and electronics

Electrical and electronics

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