Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Service

Jamindo Cabon Fiber’s 3D printing service is known for its premium quality. Our carbon fiber has one of the strength-to-weight ratios that makes it much more valuable for creating a lightweight but strong part. We offer two forms of carbon fiber printing service, chopped fiber 3D printing and continuous strand of carbon fiber.

A Complete 3D Printing Solution for Carbon Fiber

We offer carbon fiber 3D printing service, providing your project produces a high-quality product that is stiff, strong, durable and heat resistant. Compared to traditional thermoplastics such as PLA and ABS, carbon fiber 3D printing is way stronger and more reliable. Depending on the client’s final application, our carbon fiber may be woven into sheets or cut into shorter fibers. Giving our customers a superior Jamindo quality part with high strength and lightweight features and performance-based materials.
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Explore the Application of Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Service

With Jamindo’s refined 3D carbon fiber printing quality, we ensure the best 3d printer for carbon fiber quality components for our customers. The premium properties of our 3D carbon fiber products make them extremely interesting for a wide range of industries and applications as follows:




Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods





Consumer Goods

Consumer Products

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We have printed different carbon fiber 3d printed parts and components fully customized. We can improve the 3D skills of your people, equip your business with the latest 3D technology, help you to define and implement the required process, and introduce you to new innovative techniques for manufacturing.
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Why Choose JAMINDO Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Service

Quality Check

Before shipping, we examine, test, and validate your items for dimensional accuracy and functional usability.

Low Cost

Fully automated, low-cost raw materials, high material yield, and the removal of manual labor all result in cheaper production costs.

Customer Team Support

During office hours, our team will be available to respond at all times. We, too, provide updates at each stage of the process to keep you updated on the status of an order.

One Stop Solution

We have a large selection of carbon fiber 3D printing for you. We offer choices that can meet your needs in any situation.

Quality Made Consistently

We value quality, supported by cutting-edge automated fabrication, to control each stage of the process. Over traditionally dangerous items, we have a 99.99% first-time success rate. And it is this quality that ensures the security of your brand.

Our Ordering Process
Step 1: Get an instant quote
Our website allows you to get immediate quotes and handle orders from anywhere worldwide.
Step 2: Prototype
After your purchase, our professional workers will 3D print it using high-quality materials and cutting-edge 3D printing technology.
Step 3: Production
Depending on the order type, we can begin manufacturing at our facilities in just a few minutes.
Step 4: Timely door-step delivery
We handle all operational and logistical concerns, ensuring that your components arrive on schedule.

FAQs of Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Service

Carbon fiber 3D printing refers to 3D printing that uses chopped or continuous carbon fiber material incorporated in a polymer powder or carbon fiber 3d printing filament. The “base” material into which the carbon fiber is injected can be Nylon, PEEK, or various polymers, with varying amounts of carbon fiber.
Carbon Fiber is a rigid and robust fiber that behaves similarly to 6061 aluminum, making it suitable for lightweight components that can withstand large loads. When 3D-printed carbon fiber is continuous, it can equal the strength of aluminum.
Carbon fibers are often tougher than the brass nozzles used on most 3D printers. Therefore printing these materials with a standard nozzle might harm the machine.

When choosing a carbon fiber 3D printer, there are several factors to consider. Consider the following factors when shopping:

  • Cost of 3D printer and materials
  • Your parts’ mechanical characteristics
  • The level of detail
  • Print size and quantity
  • Printing speed
  • Material alternatives (open vs. proprietary)
  • Specific market requirements (automotive, aerospace, manufacturing)
Carbon fiber is mixed with other materials to form a composite or fiber-reinforced material. The composite comprises a polymer and, in some instances, ceramic. The resultant material is light and highly durable.

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