ABS injection Moulding

Welcome to our ABS injection moulding company, where we focus on providing precise and high-quality manufacturing solutions using ABS plastic to satisfy the needs of various industries such as oil and gas, defence and aerospace, medical, etc.

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Jamindo ABS Injection Moulding process

Injection moulding is a common manufacturing method for creating parts and items made of thermoplastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material. In this procedure, ABS resin pellets are melted and the molten material is injected under intense pressure into a mould cavity where it can become solid and take on the form of the mould. The ABS injection moulding processing guide includes the following:

ABS Injection Moulding process

Step 1: Material Preference

To ensure the final product’s requirements are met, the appropriate thermoplastic resin is selected based on its physical, thermal, and chemical characteristics.

Step 2: Injection

Under the ABS injection pressure, melted material is injected into a cavity in a pre-designed mould, filling it and giving it the shape of the desired part.

Step 3: Cooling

As the molten substance inside the mould cools down and solidifies, the product can keep its shape and accuracy in terms of dimensions.

Step 4: Ejection

After the cooling procedure, the mould opens, releasing the final product, which is then prepared for use or additional processing.

ABS Injection Moulding Material Properties

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, known as ABS, is a common thermoplastic material valued for its excellent pressure resistance, structural strength, and flexible production options in injection moulding applications.

Advantages of ABS Injection Moulding

It is a popular option for a variety of applications because ABS injection moulding has several benefits. This injection moulding method enables the creation of intricate and complex parts with exact features and close tolerances, making it appropriate for mass production while guaranteeing a constant quality.

  • Affordable production.
  • Heat and chemical resistant.
  • Durability.
  • The flexibility of the design.

ABS Injection Moulding Applications

The ABS injection moulding process can be used across various industries. Below are some of the industries that utilise the ABS injection moulding process:

Automobile Industry of ABS Injection Moulding

Automobile Industry

Home Appliances of ABS Injection Moulding

Home Appliances

Laboratory Equipment of ABS Injection Moulding

Laboratory Equipment

Toy Industry

Electronic Devices of ABS Injection Moulding-1

Electronic Devices