ABS 3D Printing Service

Looking for the best 3D printing service? Here at Jamindo, you’re in good company. We have ABS 3D printing services that have a sturdy and durable material with excellent physical properties and outstanding impact resistance. Jamindo offers its ideal low-cost 3D printing in ABS that can also be used for end parts.

A Complete 3D Printing Solution for ABS

Jamindo is the quickest digital manufacturing source for rapid 3d printing prototype service and on-demand production components globally.

We are the perfect material for their 3D printing project, which they will have manufactured by a qualified 3D printing business.

Our ABS 3D printing material is a cost-effective approach to producing sturdy and durable models while providing great detail and surface polish.

Explore the Application of ABS 3D Printing Service

ABS is well-known for its resilience to impact, chemicals, and heat. Since our product has a high manufacturing abs 3d printing cost and is relatively easy to process, it is an excellent material for the mass production of daily items. We have served practically every industry, and our experience helps us to support you effectively.


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Jamindo began as the world’s biggest 3D printing service, but as we developed with our clients, we offer a flexible 3D printing service that is unique in the market. We realized that we need to provide a wider variety of skills to help their companies prosper.

Why Choose JAMINDO ABS 3D Printing Service

Higher Productivity

Another value of the 3D printing service is the ability to generate large numbers of components quickly and productively.

Value-Added Services

Jamindo provides various value-added services to help them reach their full potential.


We strive to improve and advance our forms. Our restricted and productive states provide us an advantage in our business, which we pass on to you.

ISO Certified

Jamindo aims to provide manufactured objects that meet or exceed its client's requirements and aspirations, supported by its quality assurance procedure. The company's management is dedicated to continuous quality advancements.

Team of Expert

Jamindo global group is the secret behind our excellent results, as we value our clients and strive to develop a long-lasting business.

Our Ordering Process
Step 1: Instant Quote

Upload your CAD model to our digital quote-to-order platform to receive fast price and manufacturability feedback.

Step 2: Fast Parts from Prototype to Production

Our digital manufacturing ecosystem can expand with you, from prototype to production, with industry-leading speeds at each level.

Step 3: Online Order Tracking and Management

Never be bothered about where your components are again. You can follow manufacturing status, reorder items, and manage your order history all in one location with Jamindo.

Step 4: Door-to-Door Delivery

We will package and dispatch your parts once they have passed quality control.

FAQs of ABS 3D Printing Service

ABS is preferred for 3D printing and injection molding operations and has played an essential role in the fast advancement of 3D printing technology. The material is reasonably priced and available in a variety of hues. It has high impact resistance and good acoustic and thermal insulation qualities.

Those who use ABS filament in their 3D printers generally agree that it is preferable to be safe than sorry. As a result, it is advised that the room in which the 3D printer is running be sufficiently ventilated or that a protective filtering system be installed.

In terms of load capacity, ABS filament is less intense than PLA filament (70.5 MPa). However, it compensates for this with its other mechanical qualities.

While ABS is weaker and less stiff than PLA, it is a harder, lighter filament that is better appropriate for purposes other than hobbyists. ABS is more robust, 25% more lightweight, and four times more impact resistant.

Plastic injection moulding is commonly used for small parts. It is not an ideal process for large items due to the high initial investment in the mold itself.

ABS absorbs moisture from the air because it is hygroscopic. If not appropriately kept, Humid ABS filaments can result in poor print quality or possibly a failed printing process owing to nozzle blockage.

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