9 Examples Of Injection Molded Parts

Injection molded parts
Injection molded parts
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According to a report by Grand View Research, the global injection molding market is expected to reach $ 423.7 billion by 2030 up from 284.7 billion in 2021. This growth is partly fueled by the variety of injection molded parts available and their diverse applications across many industries.

Here, in this article, are some of the most common injection molded products and how they’re used to solve everyday problems from simple parts such as bottle caps to large car components. Read on to discover the many uses of injection molding, and how you can utilize it for your project.

How Injection Molding Works

Before the list of injection molded parts, it’s important to understand how the technology works. This process is accomplished by feeding a material, such as molten polystyrene, into an injection mold. The molten plastic then fills the mold and solidifies once cooled.

Injection molded parts are impressive in their accuracy and repeatability with minimal waste or imperfections. As such, they are ideal for mass production. Because injection molded parts can be made from a variety of materials with different colors, textures and flexibility, they are hugely popular in many industries.

Injection Molded Parts

Injected molded parts can be found being used in broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and healthcare. In these applications, these products offer the advantages of strength, durability and precision. Now let’s look at some of the most popular injection molding applications and parts.

Injection molded car parts
Injection molded car parts
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1. Injection Molded Car Parts

Injection molded car parts are highly visible in modern automobiles, ranging from bumper covers to interior trim panel and other vehicle plastic components. Others include door handles, and injection molded gears for various components such as window regulators and small motors.

Injection molded car parts can be made from a variety of materials including PP for various accessories, ABS for shrouds and enclosures, and POM for interior components.

The use of injection molding in automotive industry products offers these benefits: Lightweight parts, low scrap during manufacture, stronger parts that are low-cost and consistent quality for better performance and durability.

Injection molded plastic toys
Injection molded plastic toys

2. Injection Molded Plastic Toys

Injection molded plastic toys are popular among children and adults alike. This type of toy is produced by injection molding thermoplastic materials, such as polypropylene (PP) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

The process to make injection molded toys allows for complex shapes and intricate details, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Injection molded plastic toys also have a high level of strength and durability while being cost-effective to produce.

Injection molded shoes
Injection molded shoes
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3. Injection Molded Shoes

Injection molded shoes are designed to provide comfort and support while also being lightweight and inexpensive. The injection molding process allows for different designs, which is perfect for creating the most fashionable footwear.

Injection molded shoes can be made from a variety of materials including EVA, TPU and nylon – all of which offer excellent protection against slips and shocks. When it comes to injection molded shoes, the possibilities are endless.

Injection molded containers
Injection molded containers
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4. Injection Molded Containers

Injection molded containers are often used for storing food, liquids and other items. These containers are made from polymers such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).

The injection molding process helps to create precision designs that can be easily sealed, with the minimum of effort.

Injection molded enclosures are also very lightweight and can be easily recycled. Additionally, you can easily customize them with a wide range of shapes, colors, and textures.

Injection molded bottles
Injection molded bottles
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5. Injection Molded Bottles

One of the main applications of injection molding is the production of bottles. Injection molded bottles can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from food and beverage containers to personal care products.

For example, many shampoo bottles are made by injection molding PET or HDPE plastic into one-piece containers with specific shapes and sizes. These bottles are also used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to transport a variety of liquids and pills.

Injection molded bottles are lightweight and can be easily customized to fit any product. Depending on the type of material, they can also be transparent, so customers can see what they’re buying before opening the package.

Injection Molded Bottles
Injection Molded Bottles
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6. Injection Molded Bottle Caps

In addition to bottles, other common injection molded parts include bottle caps. Bottle caps are used to close bottles and containers securely. These can be made of different plastic types such as PP and PVC, depending on the application.

Injection molded bottle caps also provide a high level of strength and consistent quality while reducing cost and scrap.

By injection molding, bottle caps can be produced quickly and economically in large quantities with minimal human intervention. This makes them an ideal choice for mass production.

Injection molding optics (lenses)
Injection molding optics (lenses)
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7. Injection Molded Optics

Injection molded optics include lenses and other optical components. This type of injection molded part is used in a variety of applications such as cameras, eyeglasses etc.

One of the most common examples of injection molding applications in optics is the Fresnel lens. A Fresnel lens is a thin, flat plastic sheet with concentric circles cut into it.

Fresnel lenses focus light and provide a wider angle of view than traditional spherical lenses. These injection molded lenses find application in many products ranging from traffic light lenses to automotive headlights.

Injection molding lenses, besides providing a cost-effective way to manufacture optical products, also ensure lightweight products that can easily be produced, which means a lot when it comes to mass production.

8. Injection Molded Electronics

Injection molded electronics are becoming increasingly popular in a range of industries, such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical devices and aerospace.

Injection molding product examples in this application include electronic enclosures such as those found on cell phones, tablets and other consumer electronic devices.

Lightweight in nature and with excellent in strength, injection molded structural electronics offer an ideal solution for various components.

This process also allows for special details, such as logos and other decorative features. In addition, injection molding is capable of meeting tight tolerances which are required for electronic enclosures and components.

   Using the injection molding technique in dentistry
Using the injection molding technique in dentistry
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9. Injection Molding Technique in Dentistry

With injection molding, dental treatment has taken a significant leap forward. The process is used to create dental prostheses, such as crowns and bridges, and offering more benefits than most traditional methods. These include injection molded resin dentures and injection molded ceramic crowns.

There’s also an increasing use of the injection molding technique in dentistry where it’s being utilized to provide solutions to various problems such as placing missing teeth or repairing damaged ones, as explained in this post.

Injection molded prostheses are lightweight and highly precise, which makes them ideal for dental treatments. In most cases, they also require less time and produce better results than some traditional methods for creating dental prostheses.


Injection molded parts can be found everywhere and play an important role in our daily lives. From automotive parts to bottles and toys, injection molding is a reliable and cost-effective process that offers endless possibilities for product design and customization. It also offers numerous benefits, from lightweight components to complex shapes.

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